Review of Suspended by Sarah Noffoke

Rating: 3/5

Recommend: Probably


I think this book had a really cool concept and the characters had a lot of depth. And overall, I enjoyed reading it! But, I think sometimes the plot itself got a little hard to believe. This was a pretty good book though, and I enjoyed reading it for the most part.

So let’s talk about the characters first. I loved how unique and developed each characters was. Zuma was so much fun and Jasmine was one of my absolute favorites. Titus was another character I really felt invested in. I got a little annoyed with Finley and Jack, but most of the time I found them endearing too.

Alright, the plot. I feel a little conflicted on the plot. I said in the beginning of this review that this was such a cool idea for a book. But I feel like sometimes things were a little too forced. Like, Noffke knew she wanted certain things to happen so she just put them in without as much development and explanation as they needed. And there was a bit of insta-love. Plus kind of a love triangle going on. Personally, I’m not generally a fan of either of those.

Despite some of my negative comments, I really did have fun reading Suspended. It took me a bit to get into the story, but once I did, I found myself really interested in what would happen next. I definitely want to read the next book and see how things progress!


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