Review of Love from Mars by J.P. Cawood

Rating: 2.5/5

Recommend: Not sure


As many of you know, I love all things space-related. I’ve always found the idea of our universe and all the incredible possibilities out there fascinating. So when I found out about this book, I knew I needed to give it a read. But, I feel I should also say that I’m typically very picky about my romance books. So if you’re more of a romance  and scifi fan, this might be a perfect fit for you.

As it was, this wasn’t quite the book for me. The concept was really interesting. I thought it was pretty unique to have a reality show that decided who the first people to colonize Mars are. I wouldn’t necessarily have thought of that. I do think the implementation of that plot could have been better, and there were quite a few plot holes though. Whenever you read a fiction story, you always have do a little bit of suspending disbelief, but in this case it went way too far. Like that ending. I’m seriously so confused about what happened. But in general, I thought the main story was good.

Also, and again this might be my pickiness with romance coming through, I thought the romance itself was a bit too instantaneous. I’m not generally a fan of insta-love, although I do understand why it needed to happen in this story. But, that being said, I did think Emma and Ryan made a cute couple. I liked a lot of parts of their characters and relationship.

So, overall, this wasn’t quite my cup of tea. I didn’t expect the romance to be quite as heavy as it was and some of the plot points were too much for me to believe. But, the idea is really cool and the characters were solid. Again, if you like romance and scifi, I would recommend giving it a read yourself. I definitely don’t regret trying this book out!


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