Review of The Gilded Cage by Vic James

Rating: 4/5

Recommend: Yes!


I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect going into The Gilded Cage. It sounded like an awesome premise, but unfortunately what sounds like a good idea in a synopsis sometimes falls flat in the actual story. I’m happy to say that The Gilded Cage absolutely did not disappoint. I reeeeaaaallllllyyyy liked this book. A lot.

This book is set in an alternative version of our world. In this world, England is split into two groups: those who are “skilled” (born with supernatural powers) and those who are not. The skilled rule, while the rest of the country is forced to spend ten years of their lives as slaves.

First off, as I already mentioned, I loved this idea a lot right from the start. I’ll admit, I’m a sucker for a good dystopian book. But this is so much more than your steroptypical young adult dystopia. The Gilded Cage raises some interesting, and sometimes disturbing, ideas about the human race. But it doesn’t feel preachy, or like it’s trying to shove a particular belief down the reader’s throats. The ideas are there, and the reader has to option to interpret them however they want.

The characters are pretty great too. I really enjoyed pretty much everyone, with a few exceptions. Each character had their own unique personality and backstory. Abi and Silyen are two of my favorites, but there are many more I loved too. It was easy to get attached to these characters and I was so invested in what would happen to them.

I do wish a few things would have been explained better, and there were times when I felt like the world building was a little lacking. There’s definitely a lot more that needs to be explored in the future books. But, the stuff that was in the book was really cool!

I would definitely recommend this book. And I’m really excited to see where Vic James takes the story next!

Thank you to NetGalley and Del Rey for providing a copy of this book in exchange for a review!


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