Review of Heartless by Marissa Meyer

Rating: 3/5

Recommend: Probably


Ugh. THIS BOOK. I feel like I just went on a huge whirlwind. At first I was a little bored with the story, then I started really getting into in and enjoying the book a looooottttt. And then the ending. I mean, I kind of figured that was going to happen, but still…it just didn’t sit well with me at all. It just left me feeling mad and uuuuugghhhhhhhhhh.

Heartless tells the story of how the infamous Queen of Hearts became the twisted, rage-filled villain we all know from Alice in Wonderland. It has pretty much all the classic characters introduced in that story, as well as including a handful of other delightful additions to the world.

I tried not to go into this book with any expectations, which was hard since The Lunar Chronicles were some of my favorites reads of 2016.  So when I first heard about a new book my Marissa Meyers, I couldn’t help being really excited. But after hearing mixed reviews about Heartless, I was a little nervous. Unfortunately, I wasn’t quite as impressed with the book as I’d hoped. The beginning was kind of slow and I feel like there were a number of plot holes that could have been filled.

I will say though, Marissa Meyers is a fantastic writer. Issues with the plot aside, I still had a lot of fun reading this book. Her writing is so detailed, but not overwhelmingly descriptive for the most part. And I really appreciated the complexity of her characters. Even the less likable characters were still understandable and well-written. I adored The Cheshire Cat and Hatta. And Jest was absolutely wonderful. Despite my problems with the plot and pacing, I still can’t help partially hoping for another book after this one so I can revisit some of my favorite characters again.

So, over all, I liked this book? I mean, I had a lot of things I didn’t like at all, but there was also so much I did enjoy that the two kind of evened each other out. I’m still a little conflicted about my final opinion of Heartless. If it wasn’t for that ending, I might have less trouble recommending the book, although it did make sense with the story. But, at any rate, I’d recommend giving this one a read and seeing for yourself. It’s worth delving into.


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