Review of Arrows of the Queen by Mercedes Lackey

Rating: 3.5/5

Recommend: Yes, especially if you’re an epic fantasy fan


I’ve been hearing about Mercedes Lackey books for yeeeeaaarrrss. So when I found this book at my local used bookstore, I decided it was finally time to give her books a try. And I’m so glad I did.

This reminded me so much of the types of fantasy novels I used to devour as a kid. It had magic (although not as overt as is often found in fantasy), a young heroine with plenty of smarts and pluck, and a beautiful, detailed world. And the best part was the female characters were actually well-developed, unique people who actually felt real. Plus, there was a wlw relationship. I’d love to have seen more lgbtqa+ representation, but I was pleasantly surprised to find the representation that I did in this. I’m hoping to find more going forward, and it seems like that might be the case.

At times the story dragged a bit. There were quite a few slower parts, especially at the beginning. But for the most part I didn’t have too much trouble staying engaged and focused. Mostly because I found the characters so delightful that even if the plot dragged, I still cared what happened to them.

This was a fun, nostalgic read that brought me back to my childhood, while at the same time being something I could really appreciate as an adult. If you’re a fan of fantasy, particularly epic fantasy, I’d recommend checking out this book. I’m interested to see where the story goes next!


2 thoughts on “Review of Arrows of the Queen by Mercedes Lackey

  1. I love Mercedes Lackeys books and considering this book was written in the 80s I was extremely impressed with how much representation did exist. Have you read any of her other books?


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