Review of The Untold Tale by J.M. Frey

Rating: 3.5/5

Recommend: Yes


Thank you to NetGalley and REUTS Publications for the chance to read The Untold Tale.

This book was so much fun! I think anyone who’s a major reader of fantasy (especially epic fantasy) will enjoy The Untold Tale. It takes so many frustratingly cliche fantasy troupes and turns them on their head. This is the kind of book that have felt really cheesy and silly, but actually ended up being so thoughtful and wonderful that I could hardly put it down.

Think about your favorite childhood book. The one you read and reread too many times to count. What would happen if, all of a sudden, you found yourself pulled into that world? For some of us, that might feel like a dream come true. But for Lucy Piper, the reality is much less glamorous and exciting than she imagined.

Lucy Piper, or Pip, as she’s known to friends, is such a strong and fascinating character. I loved her so much and instantly felt a huge connection with her. Although, to be honest, I ended up loving a great many of these characters. They all felt so real that it almost seemed like I’d been pulled along into the world with Lucy.

The only reason I didn’t give this book a full four stars is that sometimes the pace dragged and the plot felt a bit forced at times. I also would have liked a little more closure at the end. I know there’s at least one more book in the series, so I might feel differently about the ending once I read the next book.

But, honestly I enjoyed this book so much. Anyone who’s a fan of fantasy should definitely give The Untold Tale a read!


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