Review of And I Darken By Kiersten White

Rating: 3/5
Recommend: Probably not
And I Darken follows the lives of siblings Lada and Radu as they travel from their homeland to the Ottoman Empire, where meet friends, foes, and plenty of danger.
One thing I will say for this book is that it’s unique. I’ve never read anything quite like And I Darken, so I have to give credit for that. I love fantasy books that don’t follow the stereotypical plot path. And the writing flows really smoothly, making it really easy to follow along with the story without getting too bogged down with detailed descriptions.
That being said, I still wasn’t too fond of And I Darken. It may have been well written, but the characters were not my cup of tea at all. I love flawed, multi-layered characters who have plenty of room to grow. And every character in this book certainly had his or her fair share of flaws. But, there wasn’t much in the way of redeeming qualities to balance out the flaws. I found myself becoming increasingly annoyed at the characters as the story progressed. By the end, I was so frustrated and bored with them that I felt very little investment in the story.
I was hoping for so much more than what I found in this book. It’s not the worst book I’ve read, and I enjoyed some aspects of it, but it’s a far cry from my all-time favorites.

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