Review of Forsaken Skies by D. Nolan Clark

Rating: 3.5/5

Recommend: Probably


In Forsaken Skies a small group of ragtag characters are enlisted to help fight a dangerous, unknown force that threatens a nearby planet. It’s full of many of the things that I enjoy in a science fiction book: a plethora of spaceships, a massive underdog scenario, new planets with different cultures to explore, and, of course, an unfamiliar threat that must be dealt with.
The beginning started off a bit slow for my taste and it took be about a quarter of the way through the book to really get into the story. Part of my problem was I had trouble connecting with the characters at first. They definitely grew on me after a while, but it took some time for me to really care about what happened to these people. Once that happened, I became so much more invested and interested in the story.
I also thought the space battles were a little too long. In a story like this, one obviously expects to have some pretty epic fights in space-that’s a given. But when the battles rage on for pages and pages, it starts to feel a bit excessive. I wanted more character development and interactions, rather than so many drawn out battles. There was some character development and I enjoyed the relationships that developed, but I would have liked to see even more of a focus on the characters themselves instead of the battles they fought.
Overall, I’d recommend this book to fans of space/alien books. It was definitely worth a read and I’m interested to see where the story goes next.


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