Review of The Fallen Star by Jessica Sorensen

Rating: 2/5

Recommend: Probably not

I went into this book not entirely sure if I would like it. The premise sounded interesting enough for me to give it a chance (especially since it’s free), but it’s not my normal brew. So maybe that’s why I wasn’t as into this book as I’d hoped. I couldn’t connect with any of the characters and I was really annoyed with the male love interest who was super controlling and just obnoxious. I was also thrown off by the writing style because there were so many awkwardly worded sentences that slowed down my reading, forcing me to reread many of the passages. That being said, I still think the concept is really cool and I’m glad I gave the book a shot. It’s an interesting idea and I would have liked to read more about the fallen star and it’s power, rather than so much focus being placed on the romantic attraction between the main character, Gemma, and her love interest, Alex. But maybe if I’d liked Alex better I wouldn’t have minded that so much.


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